Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
Freedom Of Information Unit Trinidad y Tobago
Cayman Islands - The National Conservation Bill Islas Caimán 2009
Norma de Calidad de Agua y Control de Descargas AG CC 01 República Dominicana 2001
Environmental Protection Act Guyana 1996
Code des Lois Haitiennes sur l'Environnement -- compilation (1995) (par Jean Andre Victor pour PNUD) Haití
The Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act Jamaica 1991
The Beach Control Act (1956) Jamaica 1956
The Watersheds Protection Act Jamaica 1963
The Wildlife Protection Act Jamaica 1999
Town and Country Planning Act Jamaica 1958
Land Development and Utilization Act Jamaica 1966
Endangered Species Act Jamaica 2004
The Beach Control (Safety Measures) Regulations Jamaica 2006
The Natural Resources Conservation (Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park) (User Fees) Regulations Jamaica 2003
The Natural Resources Conservation Air Ambient Guideline Document Jamaica 2006
Technical Support Document for the Regulatory Impact Analysis for Air Quality Regulations Jamaica 2002
The Natural Resources (Hazardous Waste) (Control of Transboundary Movement) Regulations Jamaica 2002
Air quality regulations Jamaica 2002
Clean Air Act Jamaica 1964
Fishing Industry Act Jamaica 1976

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